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Undertake international standard containers of various specifications

Shandong Longji Digital Container adopts the latest international process optimization design, combined with various types of advanced robots, to achieve a high degree of automation, fast production speed, and stable quality throughout the entire production line

Consolidate the concept of safety responsibility and strengthen the safety defense line

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Safety Production Month "Shandong Longji Digital Container Co., Ltd. has been taking action ,为深入贯彻落实习近平总书记的“从基础上消除事故隐患 ,有效停止重特大事故爆发”的重要指示精神 ,

Further strengthening safety production management work, Shandong Longji Digital Container Co., Ltd. organized various departments to carry out various activities in various forms, including safety production knowledge training and learning, emergency drills, and on-site safety inspections led by leaders to deliver to the front line. The profound connotation of adhering to the red line awareness was promoted, creating a good activity atmosphere, and opening the prelude to the "Safety Production Month" activity。






Shandong Longji Digital Container Co., Ltd. always adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented" and regards employee life safety as the foundation of enterprise development. Carry out safety publicity and cultivate employees' independent awareness of "safety first"; Conduct safety training to raise awareness of accident prevention; Organize emergency drills to minimize losses in the face of accidents。


The enterprise firmly establishes the concept of safe production development, enhances the sense of responsibility that safe production is more important than Mount Tai, further improves the rules and regulations of safe production, increases investment in safe production, strengthens safety education and training, and effectively prevents and curbs accidents. Every month, like Safety Production Month, we should regularly promote and educate, standardize inspection and rectification, institutionalize skill training, and standardize safety management, so that the idea of safety first can be rooted in the "heart" of every employee in the enterprise. We should make safety production an important part of our daily work and do a solid job every day, week, and month. Only in this way can various safety hazards be fundamentally eliminated, and we can truly prevent accidents before they occur。

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